We can do a song and dance routine about how dedicated we are and about the high standard of our work, but instead of saying all the usual boring stuff rather let our clients do the talking:
"Thanks very much for your professional service and the promptness related thereto."

 clock_16x16"Thank u very much for your world class service." [sic]

 clock_16x16"Again, thanks for your professional and prompt service."

 clock_16x16"I confirm receipt of the invoice and the transcribed record. I think I like your way of doing business!"

 clock_16x16"Thanks a million times for your service as well."

 clock_16x16"I am writing to you in appreciation for the extraordinary service you have given in transcribing the above interview with such speed. This is so appreciated, and it greatly assisted in briefing our advocates at court today, helping to prove certain very important assertions that our client had made. Please be assured that not only will our firm use your services in the future (hopefully with much less taxing deadlines) but that we will unstintingly recommend your firm to our legal colleagues."

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